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Many of us love to have have snakes and lizards around the house, but finding a new one with the proper pedigree can be nothing less than a difficult, tedious process. At D & T Reptiles And Exotics, you’ll find certified pet breeders with extensive expertise on pet breeding. We offer you healthy pets from a diverse amount of breeds to choose from. We are located in Vidor and you can reach us at (409) 239-2103.

Professional Breeding You Can Trust

As caring, professional and reputable pet breeders we follow recommended guidelines that ensure our pets have loving temperaments – they simply can’t wait to meet their new owners! As long as you treat your new pet with love and respect, they will do the same back. As a team, we are dedicated to doing our best for our pets and, of course, our customers as well.

Why Choose Us: Reptile Advice, Rescue, and Breeding Expertise

Being a certified entity and having served many customers, we are here for you. We listen to you with a keen ear and offer you advice on the precise pet you should take on if you’re not sure or have doubts. We will also advise you on pet upkeep. Because we breed and take care of the pets until they have found an owner, we are experts when it comes to raising healthy, happy animals.


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